The church is looking for a Youth Pastor to lead the 11:30am service.
This is a Full-time paid position. All Youth Pastor candidates must email a cover letter and resume. Applicants considered will receive an email with detailed job description, salary, expectations, and necessary information. All candidates will be subject to background checks and necessary screening.

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This is an internship opportunity for students who need to complete a degree requirement for their respective school. Powerhouse is excited that you are interested in serving our church! As a church, we believe in hearing the Word of God and walking like Christ daily. There are many opportunities for interns to serve to exercise their God-given gifts.

As a church, many tasks are done in teams. Every team in our church is dedicated to serving each other, the community, and giving glory to God. We are looking for positive and creative interns to serve.

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Thank you for your interest in serving at our church! We are looking for passionate and creative volunteers to serve on our team.

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